Living with sweaty palms for more than 5 decades have been a major disadvantage socially and even in my career. It was not fun to have to wipe my palms on my clothes or handkerchief just to shake hands or do work. There was just no control on the sweating.

I have tried all kind of recommended treatments by friends and skin specialists. When the internet was available, I googled for treatments, but nothing works. By chance I read an article online on hyperhidrosis/ETS surgery more in the 90s but that was not available in our part of the world. So when I heard of the treatment at iHeal, I and my daughter, who also suffer from the same condition, went for the treatment. Today, I have totally forgotten about the ordeal I had for so many years. My palms are totally dry.


Before I got the surgery, I had to face some difficulties when I had to take down notes or do my homework. I was also self conscious about shaking hands with anyone I had to meet. After the surgery, doing schoolwork wasn't as annoying as before anymore and I feel a lot more confident when shaking hands with somebody. I also find that its nice to finally not have to constantly wipe away the sweat on my clean clothes.


Keesha's palms condition after the surgery

Since the surgery, my hands have been completely dry! It's almost hard to comprehend how different it is. I no longer have to carry something with me to dry my hands consistently and I feel more liberated and "normal" than ever before- thank you.

Overall, it's so nice to sweat only when I'm hot as opposed to when I'm cold or relaxed (24/7 almost!).

Every day I do a new activity involving my hands I have a sense of relief instead of anxiety, which needless to say is incredible! I'm even about to begin a career in Finance (face to face) - something I have been too terrified to even think about before the surgery.


No feel any harm for my body. It's Convenient to do things. Just other part of body will sweat a lot. So far is ok.


Wong's palms condition before the surgery

Lim's palms condition before the surgery

Lim's palms condition before the surgery