The Permanent Solution to Sweaty Palms is now here in Malaysia! Hyperhidrosis sufferers can now get treatment for their excessive sweat, whether it's armpits sweating or hand sweating, specifically palm sweating. This site contains everything you need to know about hyperhidrosis (symptoms, causes, diagnosis) and how to stop sweating.


Here in Malaysia, hyperhidrosis affects about 3% of the population - 981,000 people in Malaysia have hyperhidrosis and many Malaysians do not know their treatment options.

30 million people can stop excessive sweating today

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There are always going to be limitations to reading blogs and watching videos about your symptoms and what they mean. However, with Malaysian doctors, you stand a better chance of identifying your symptoms and get better treatments for hyperhidrosis in your palms, hyperhidrosis on your face, or even hyperhidrosis on your feet.


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